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Nice to meet you! I’m Jazzy Jazmine. My mom was a ballerina and my dad was a choreographer for Broadway so dancing is in my blood. I love to turn and turn and turn and turn, it is my favorite thing to do! Heidi invited me to her hip hop dance class one night and I had so much fun, but I could see girl in jazz class in the dance room beside us. I couldn't stop watching them so my mom signed me up for jazz and ballet too. I love the color pink and my favorite food is ice cream. I hope that you love your dance classes as much as I do!

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Hello. My name is Calla. I so love doing contemporary dance classes at The Dance Academy. I tried karate and softball, but they were just not my thing. I like that I can tell a story when I am dancing contemporary, it allows me to be creative in so many ways. Sometimes I feel so unorganized, but dancing has helped me to focus and my grades in school have gone up too! Hawk, Heidi, Bella and Jazmine are by best friends. I look forward to seeing them every week at class.

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I am Bella! Dancing is what I was born to do! Someday I am going to be a famous ballerina! I love the color pink, big hairbows, frilly tu-tus, and anything that sparkles! My dance teacher at Premier says I am a girly girl! My favorite food is popsicles and my favorite toy is my Minnie Mouse Bowtique. I also love to color pictures and make crafts with my mommy! I also love going to the beach with my family in the summer!

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Hi! My name is Hawk. I have lots of swag and I want to be just like my big sister Heidi. She is so smart and fun. I love learning new dance moves at The Dance Academy, but I also play soccer with Steverino. Dancing helps me with my footwork for soccer and I love to move to the beat of the music. My favorite color is green. I try my hardest at school everyday, social studies is my favorite class and I like art too. I think that dancing is art in motion.

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Hello my name is Heidi. I am 6 years old and I LOVE TO DANCE! My favorite color is purple and I love to eat pizza. At school I do my very best in every class, but math is my favorite subject. I have a younger brother named Hawk who also love hip hop...that's because he wants to be just like me. I can't wait for you to take hip hop at The Dance Academy. I love my dance classes and I take tumbling/gymnastics classes too!

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Kip is the beloved pet of all our Little Explorers characters but he lives with Ellie and Elliot. They built him a very special dog house called "Kip's Clubhouse". He is the sweetest and smartest puppy dog ever and he loves his friends so much!

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